Toluna is one of the popular survey panels in the world. Other than paid survey participation, Toluna offers features like Sweepstakes, prize draw, mini polls, community discussions, product testing to keep their members enthusiastic and active. While their survey center delivers the survey invitations regularly, many signs show Toluna cannot be accepted as the best. Read the Toluna review.



Cash payments:
  • PayPal
  • Check
Gift Cards:
  • Amazon gift card
  • Walmart gift card
  • Steam gift card
  • Best Buy gift card
  • Flipkart gift card
  • iTunes gift card
  • Facebook gift card
  • Google play gift card
  • Target gift card
  • gift card
  • Hulu gift card
  • Charity donation
  • Movie vouchers
  • Merchandise
  • Sweepstake entries
  • eVouchers
  • Pre-screening questions – No.

About Toluna Company:

The Toluna is operated by the Toluna Group company since 2000, head office in France. The Toluna is operated in over 90 countries with over 4 million panelists around the world. Toluna has offices in 19 countries including the North American continent, Europe, Asia-Pacific. Toluna promises that their panelist opinion will have a direct impact on the company’s product & services and their marketing.

Toluna homepage - Toluna reviews

Toluna Reviews:

Toluna consumer panel provides the consumer insights into the on-demand economy by connecting the businesses and the consumers in real time to deliver insights.

How to make money on Toluna:
Working on Toluna:

There is no doubt that Toluna is a legitimate website. When I started my journey on Toluna, I found the importance given by Toluna for the user experience. New users can kick-start their earnings right away after the registration. Toluna rewards 500 points startup bonus to every user after sign up.

Toluna profile completion

The first thing the panelist should do is to complete their profile. Toluna even pays for completing the profile survey from 50 points to 200 points. There are over ten profile categories in Toluna which can help the users accumulate over 2000 points at the end.

Once the profile questionnaires are completed, Toluna will automatically recommend the list of surveys available that matches the user profile. The panelist can start taking the survey(s) to earn points.

If the panelists had filled their profile without any error, then the chances of getting screened out are very less. The panelist can be confident in receiving the reward at the end of the survey.

Toluna Survey quality:

Being one of the leading survey sites in the world, Toluna’s survey quality is exceptional. No technical issues have been found while testing more than 50 surveys as the direct member of Toluna.

Toluna surveysUsually, it takes not more than 10 – 20 minutes to complete a survey on average. However, the high paying surveys can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

As promised, the members will get more survey invitations from Toluna. All they have to do is qualify for taking a survey. As stated earlier, when compared the other survey panels the screenout chances are very less in Toluna because they only send survey invitation(s) that are relevant to the profile.

The surveys are organized well with a neat and simple design and it is programmed to find the cheaters who tend to cheat by answering the questions without reading the questions and answers. Even if the survey takers are caught cheating at the last minute, they will be screened out immediately with no reward points.

Toluna rewards and earnings:

The greatest drawback of Toluna is its reward value per survey. Toluna rewards very low survey rate for completing the surveys when compared to the industry standards. Toluna rewards 500 – 10000 points per survey of while maximum surveys pay below 5000 points. This is one of the main reasons why the panelist quit their membership.

Toluna rewards - surveys for money

When we talk about the best survey sites, the main thing a member will expect is high survey frequency and good payout for their work. But unfortunately, Toluna failed to provide the value in the basic requirement itself.

Toluna’s slow payouts:

Toluna’s payment terms state that the panelist will be paid only after 8 weeks from the date of redemption. This is another drawback of the Toluna. It’s unfair that a member should wait for almost 2 months without getting paid.

Many online paid survey users will expect to get paid within a day and maximum within a week. But 8 weeks waiting time to get paid is something unusual that Toluna should consider changing.

Toluna surveys categories:

Toluna can be called the best for maintaining the availability of surveys in different categories. So, it ensures that the panelist from diverse platform get enough chances to qualify for taking the surveys.

The Toluna conducts surveys mainly on Mobile phones, home appliances, entertainment, banking products & services, food, auto products, lifestyle etc.

Toluna mobile app review:

Toluna has got the mobile app for the Android and iPhone users. The members can download the mobile app and connect their account for instant updates and new opportunities. Toluna mobile app can be used to answer mini surveys and polls. The members have to use the mobile browser to take regular surveys.

Toluna also has the feature for its users to receive the invitation via SMS. This is an optional feature.

Toluna product testing:
toluna product testing review

Toluna is the one among the very few survey panels that reward its users for product testing. To explore Toluna product testing, the panelists have to apply for testing products. Previously, here are some of the products that were available for user testing – lipsticks & other beauty products, deodorants, food products, toothbrush & other health products etc. Take part in Toluna product testing to review the products, get it for free and at the same time earn money for your opinion.

Toluna Router – Opinion surveys – Toluna quick surveys:

The opinion surveys are the survey router of Toluna available in third-party rewarding apps and websites. While comparing the payout, I found that the opinion survey router paid more for the survey compared to taking the same survey directly on Toluna. publishers can partner with Toluna Think action to promote Opinion surveys and other affiliate offers related to Toluna.

Pros and cons of Toluna survey Panel:
  • Being one of the top survey panels in the world, the chances are less for it to become a scam.
  • Toluna has the best rewarding system for its members to redeem their points.
  • High survey frequency enables maximum survey opportunities made available to its members.
  • Toluna is one of the few survey panels that have the mobile app for Android and IOS users.
  • The Toluna has got powerful cheat deduction system. Good enough for advertisers to get rid of fake completions.
  • The points can be redeemed for cash and gift cards of major companies.
  • Invite a friend program helps the users to earn extra points from the friend’s completion.
  • The Toluna affiliate program is very impressive.
  • Toluna ensures to send the invitation to take surveys that are relevant to the panelist to reduce unnecessary traffic and screenouts.
  • Toluna payout for the survey will be very less compared to other survey sites.
  • It takes up to 8 weeks to process payments after points redemption.
  • The points will expire after 16 months.
  • Many Toluna users complained that their accounts are getting banned automatically without reason. However, we personally didn’t face any issue. Cheaters might have been banned for misusing their services.
  • Many surveys are too long and boring.
  • Survey takers experience sudden screenouts when they’re almost about to complete the survey.
  • Need a lot of points to redeem for cash or gift cards. Points conversion can be confusing to the novice paid survey users.
Toluna payment methods:

Toluna provides more than 30 ways to redeem points for cash or gift cards. Instead of listing universal gift cards worldwide, Toluna lists gift cards of local brands based on the user demographics.

How much are Toluna points worth – $1 = 3000 points (This might vary across countries).

The minimum points required to redeem – 30000.

Toluna points expiration:

Toluna’s TOS states that any points that are not redeemed within 16 months from the credit date will expire automatically. Toluna added this restriction to make their members complete as many surveys as possible to redeem their points before they expire. Though 16 months is enough to redeem, this is a drawback.

Toluna points expiration


Toluna Registration:

Toluna collects basic information during user registration. Start an account using your email ID and phone number(optional).

Age restriction – only 15+ allowed to sign up.

Facebook sign up – Available.

Toluna final review:

Surveysrating rates Toluna as the legitimate survey panel. Toluna has been in the survey industry for years providing the best services to the panelist and the advertisers. Though Toluna has few major drawbacks in general. We advise you to definitely try Toluna if it works for you.

Overall, the Toluna can be called the genuine survey panel needs a lot of feature enhancement for the participants to stay in top position.