Opinion Outpost is one of the oldest survey sites operated in tier – 1 countries. All you can do there is take surveys and get paid instantly. Enhance the chance to win $10000 once every three months getting the free entry for the quarterly prize draw. Opinion Outpost is simple, straight-forward, promise to give perfect service. Read the Opinion Outpost reviews.



About Opinion Outpost company:

Opinion outpost is operated by Survey Sampling International LLC., the same company which operates Opinion World & Survey Spot. Shortly called as SSI, the company was found on 1977 by Tom Danbury and Beverly Weiman, Headquarter in the CT, USA. Opinion Outpost is operated for the residents of USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain.


Cash payments:
  • PayPal
Gift Cards:
  • Amazon gift card
  • iTunes gift card
  • Charity donation
  • Sweepstake entries
Opinion Outpost surveys reviews
Opinion Outpost review:

Opinion Outpost is the free online tool, that connects the small businesses and the major corporation to their customers. By taking simple paid online surveys on Opinion Outpost, the panelists can make money and at the same time provide insights, feedback on products, services, and research to improve those.

How does Opinion Outpost work

The Opinion Outpost is nothing different while compared to the regular survey panels. Get an account, fill profile, take surveys to get paid.

After sign up, the panelist has to verify their email to finalize their membership by filling their profile with the correct information. To list the relevant surveys Opinion Outpost will ask the users about their age, gender, date of birth, race, education, career, ethnicity, home address etc.

Opinion Outpost survey

Opinion Outpost has got the fraud filter. If it finds the information provided to be fake or doesn’t sync with their template, the account will be locked. To unlock the account, we should contact the support. So, try to be authentic and awake while filling the profile.

Opinion Outpost will start sending the survey invitations through the email. The panelist can also find the survey invitations waiting in their dashboard.

Based on the demographics and profile, Opinion Outpost will automatically list only the relevant surveys. So, the survey takers do not have to worry about the unnecessary screenouts.

Before taking a survey, the survey taker will be asked to answer the set of questions to find if the survey fully matches the requirement of the survey. If qualified, it will redirect to the main survey. Then the survey taker should spend the time to fill the survey. Once the survey is completed, the reward points will be immediately added to the account which can be redeemed later for cash or gift rewards.

On average the success rate of getting qualified for a survey will be 20% to 50%. Before accepting a person to complete the survey, it’s important to check if the person is really fit their requirement. So, even if there is a mismatch in one requirement, the survey taker will be screened out. This is totally normal.

Opinion Outpost survey quality:

It takes not more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete the Opinion Outpost surveys on average. However, the high paying lengthy studies can take more time to complete.

The Opinion Outpost surveys are designed well, the user experience will be pretty good without technical errors.

Few panelists compliant that, they were kicked out of the survey in middle for no reason. Usually, survey panels install security measures to catch cheaters who choose random answers. If it is a security measure, then it’s the responsibility of the survey taker to answer the questions carefully.

Opinion Outpost rewards:

The reward for taking the surveys will vary from 5 points to 50 points. On average, the panelist can expect to earn 10 points per survey that can be converted to cash.

The rewarding system of Opinion Outpost is pretty decent but not the best when compared to high paying survey sites.

With a perfect plan, the panelists can withdraw their earnings within a day or two just by spending few hours per day. So, Opinion Outpost is not bad when it comes to rewarding the users.

Opinion Outpost survey categories:

Opinion Outpost says their surveys will be mostly based on connecting the businesses to the customers. Businesses need the feedback from the customers to serve the best.

Opinion surveys are interesting short since most of them are related to business like travel, automobiles, lifestyle, medical, food industry, smartphones, appliances etc.

Should I depend on Opinion Outpost completely for the side income?

Though Opinion Outpost is one of the best survey sites, fully depending on it for side income is not worth. I recommend you to diversify your dependency on the part-time income.

Since Opinion Outpost sends not more than 2 to 3 invitations per day and screenout being another headache, increase the chances by joining more survey panels.

Pros & cons of Opinion Outpost survey panel:
  • Three words review – It’s easy, safe and fast.
  • Only survey panel that offers $40000 yearly cash give away just for being the member of Opinion Outpost. Take as many surveys as you can to increase the chances to win.
  • Opinion Outpost operated by one of the oldest research companies Survey Sampling International.
  • Opinion Outpost exclusively created for developed country users.
  • Surveys are short and interesting.
  • They make things interesting by adding games and prize entries.
  • Survey availability is high compared to average industry numbers. Be advised this might vary depending on your profile.
  • Opinion Outpost made the rewarding system simple by crediting Opinion points to the survey takers.
  • The Opinion points can be redeemed for Cash or gift cards of major companies.
  • Payments are processed instantly.
  • For part-timers Opinion Outpost helps to subscribe to TV shows, music, movies for free by completing the surveys.
  • The referral program of Opinion Outpost helps us to earn extra money by referring our friends.
  • Opinion Outpost is not more than a survey panel.
  • The Opinion points will expire after one year for inactive accounts.
  • No mobile app for smartphone users.
  • Reward options are minimal compared to other survey panels.
  • Members complain account ban without reason.
  • Availability in limited regions.
  • Needs improvement in the user experience.
Opinion Outpost payment methods:

The Opinion Outpost has the best payment processing system. Many survey panels delay payment up to several weeks in the name of the spam filtering. But, Opinion Outpost manages everything in the real-time to send payments instantly.

The payment methods are not too crowded like few other panels. Opinion Outpost really knows what freelancers look for and they delivered it through three most used payment methods listed below.

$1 = 10 Opinion points.

The minimum points required to redeem – 50(GC)/100(Cash).


Opinion Outpost Registration:

Opinion Outpost membership is free and it needs to be activated by following this process.

The first step is to create the account entering name, email address and gender. Once done, you will be asked to verify the email address.

Opinion Outpost post scam or legit?

The next step is answering the profile questions. You will be asked to enter the date of birth, country of residence, income, education, address etc. Follow the steps to activate the account. Once activated, you can start earning money by taking surveys.

Age restriction – only 18+ allowed to sign up.

Facebook sign up – Not available.

Pre-screening questions – Yes.

Is Opinion Outpost scam or legit? Opinion Outpost final review:

Surveysrating rates Opinion Outpost survey panel as the legitimate source to make money taking online surveys. Opinion Outpost is one of the leaders of survey panel and still continues it’s journey providing services to the particular group of targeted people without any deviation.

Overall, Opinion Outpost is one of the best websites to add it to your survey panel portfolio.