The Swagbucks is an online rewarding program that rewards not only for taking paid surveys but also for shopping, watching videos, searching the web, completing micro tasks, answering quiz etc. Swagbucks gives us free gift cards and cash just for doing some online activities which we used to do it on daily basis. Unlike other paid survey sites, Swagbucks is unique and has tons of opportunities for the users to earn money quickly without just depending only on surveys. Read the Swagbucks review.

About Swagbucks company:

The Swagbucks is the subsidiary brand of Prodege LLC, began its journey in 2005. Swagbucks has over 15 million members registered already and paid several million dollars worth of cash and gift cards to the members on time. It is the world’s largest GPT site currently working on countable countries and continues to expand their brand worldwide.

Swagbucks surveys GPT site reviewsSwagbucks review:

The Swagbucks is a Get paid to website connected with thousands of advertisers and companies to provide a lot of ways to earn money on their site. Unlike waiting for invitations to take surveys in the regular survey panels, Swagbucks links us to several paid survey brands to make the maximum. Swagbucks also pays for searching deals, doing simple tasks, watching entertainment videos, using their search engine.

My experience with Swagbucks:

As I said earlier, Swagbucks is an elite Get paid to site that has different ways to make money other than taking surveys. Though Swagbucks allows members from a lot of countries to sign up, it works best only for the users from tier – 1 countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada and few more countries.

The Swagbucks users can enter their website daily looking forward to earn at least a few dollars per day. Swagbucks is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Swagbucks eases our job by recommending us the best earning opportunities available for us each day. Completing all the seven daily tasks will help to earn extra bonus.

Swagbucks and earning opportunities:

Swagbucks Paid surveys:

Swagbucks getting started with surveyThe paid surveys play a major role in Swagbucks by giving the opportunity to earn more money. Swagbucks has partnered with a lot of survey panels to send the maximum possible survey invitations to their users. Swagbucks has daily surveys section and premium surveys section to find surveys. Members can make use of the surveys section to make guaranteed bucks every day.

Swagbucks Gold surveys:

Swagbucks Gold surveysThe Swagbucks Gold surveys are specially customized surveys available for the members based on their profile. The survey rewards are not fixed like the daily survey router. These are high paying surveys that can really boost the earning capability. Swagbucks also encourages the members to complete surveys with limited time bonuses.

Rewards – OfferWalls:

The Swagbucks has partnered with major CPA Offerwalls like TrialPay in the industry to showcase the top paying offers to their members. The OfferWall offer(s) will vary on each country. Sign-ups, trails, games, tasks, downloads, cashback offers are found in the rewards section of Swagbucks.

Figure Eight tasks:

Figure Eight is the microtask organizing company which rewards the users for completing simple tasks like verification, testing, analysis, etc. They pay a Cent to a Dollar for completing a task based on the difficulty. Swagbucks has integrated the Figure Eight wall in their website to help users to earn more. Unlike surveys and offers, the Crowdflower microtasks are almost same for all the users around the world. So, the members can make money by taking tasks even if the availability of surveys are less.


Swagbucks rewards its users for using their* search engine on daily basis for searching the internet. The members can set their search engine as default search engine to earn money without doing any task. Though their search doesn’t pay too much, it can add up some SB each month to the account.

Shopping & Cashback:

The Shopping section is the best one in Swagbucks where the members can discover a lot of cashback and discount offers available in their region. If you’re a regular online shopper, I bet you’re going to save a lot of money each month by shopping through Swagbucks. Shop through Swagbucks on major online shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart to save money. And at the same time, Swagbucks also has a lot of cashback offers for food purchased on brands like Subway, Domino etc.

Watch Videos:

The Swagbucks also pays for watching videos. The pay per watch is lower compared to its rivals. Videos of almost all the interesting categories are available on Swagbucks including music, gaming, movie reviews, kids entertainment, how to videos, news, fitness etc.

Daily Poll:

The daily poll is a simple user suggested Poll. Swagbucks, pay 1 SB per day for voting poll. This is created to keep the users engaged to Swagbucks.

To Do List:

The Swagbucks rewards its users with Bonus SB for completing To Do List daily which might have up to 7 simple tasks. Answering the daily poll, searching at least once per day, attempting a survey, discovering offers are the part of Swagbucks To Do List.

Fill your profile on Swagbucks:

Swagbucks Profile surveys rewards

The survey takers are advised to fill their profile immediately after signup. This ensures that the survey taker gets enough chances to take part in surveys that are relevant to their profile. Every few days Swagbucks will ask to update the profile. Swagbucks made the profile updating process easier and categorized. They pay 2SB for filling 10 profile questions.

Swagbucks mobile app:

Swagbucks mobile app

The Swagbucks mobile app is available for Android and iPhone smartphones. This mobile app is very advanced that the members can perform all the actions in the mobile app itself instead of using desktop or mobile browser. The Swagbucks mobile app is very handy. Download the app and link it to your account and get notifications whenever there is an opportunity to make money. Redeem SB for cash and gift rewards using the Swagbucks mobile app.

Swago – Swagbucks contest:

Swago is the contest game available for the Swagbucks users to win SB by completing patterns of Swago board. The Swagoboard consists of 25 square, each square is assigned with a task. On completing tasks assigned for the square, the player must form certain formats listed in order to win SB. This contest is not much impressive since the prize money is too low.

Pros and Cons of Swagbucks:

  • New members get a signup bonus of $10 for free!
  • The Swagbucks has multiple earning opportunities other than taking surveys.
  • Swagbucks is the best site for online shoppers to find cashback offers, discount offers and earn SB.
  • Swagbucks just pay for using their search engine for searching the internet.
  • Swagbucks has a list with hundreds of redemption options including cash through PayPal and gift cards of major brands.
  • The members are paid with the daily bonus for achieving daily goals and for completing To Do List.
  • Members can donate their earnings to Charity if they wish to help people to heal their disabilities.
  • The Swagbucks is fully responsive, where the members can use both Desktop and smartphones to complete tasks and earn money.
  • Swagbucks referral program helps us to earn money by referring our friends. More referrals, more free money.
  • The Swagbucks mobile app is available for the Android and IOS users. The mobile app is very helpful to get into Swagbucks within seconds.
  • Swagbucks has good support to answer the queries.
  • The survey availability is very less for the members who have not logged in from the tier – 1 countries.
  • The pay per survey is very less compared to its rivals.
  • Swagbucks can be a bit confusing for the people who are new to the GPT sites.
  • Swagbucks uses its own currency, which might be confusing and its redemption value can be changed anytime.
  • Swagbucks users complaint that they might require you to submit identity cards in some cases to verify identity.
Swagbucks Referral Program:

The Swagbucks pay 10% referral commission for life. So, if the referral earns 500 SB, the referrer will get 50 SB for free. The more active referrals under us, the more free SB will be credited to our account.

Swagbucks Rewards Information:

Swagbucks rewards PayPalSB(Swagbucks) is the virtual currency in Swagbucks. When the users complete the task, they will be paid SB. The SB can be redeemed for rewards in their reward store.

$1 = 70SB (This might vary across countries)

The Swagbucks will pay 30 SB to 200 SB for completing the surveys. The shopping offers will help us to save more money.

Cash payments:


Gift cards:

Amazon gift card

Walmart gift card

Steam gift card

Best Buy gift card

Flipkart gift card

Lifestyle gift card

Facebook gift card


Charity donation

Medical donation

Retail gift vouchers

Restaurant gift card

Swagbucks registration:

Swagbucks has a simple signup process, the user should enter the email address, password and verify the email address to open the account. The Swagbucks account can be created by connecting your Facebook account.

Age restriction – only 13+ allowed to sign up.

Facebook sign up – Available.

Pre-screening questions – No.

Free sign up bonus – $10.

Is Swagbucks scam or legit? Swagbucks final review:

Surveysrating rates Swagbucks as a legitimate site and Swagbucks is completely safe to join. Swagbucks is run by a huge company and has no possibilities to become a scam. Currently, Swagbucks is available for only countable countries and they continue to expand their brand. Swagbucks is one of the best GPT sites and a favorite one for the online earners.

Overall Swagbucks is a legitimate survey site. It’s worth giving a try to explore Swagbucks which is unique. Continue to Join Swagbucks.